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Since 1979, our family owned construction and design firm has been serving the greater Los Angeles, Ventura and Santa Barbara County areas for over two generations. Here at Kuhnhofer Builders, we take immense pride in our quality and craftsmanship every step of the way. We specialize in full-build custom residential homes, additions and remodels, as well as commercial construction. Come experience the magic of executing your dream build with Kuhnhofer Builders.



Our Work Is Honest, Our Craftsmanship Is Impeccable.

At Kuhnhofer Builders, we thrive seeing the excitement and delight our customers experience upon realizing we can build them the home or property they've always dreamed of.  We have priortized building strong relationships and believe in working closely with architects and designers to create a project set up for success.

From commercial to residential, and new development to renovation, we know that every Kuhnhofer Builders project is a part of someone else's dream. We aim to have constant communication with our clients throughout the course of construction giving you peace of mind that we can smoothly take your dreams from concept to reality.

For over 40 years, we have dedicated our efforts to building both small and large scale projects throughout Los Angeles, Ventura and Santa Barbara County with precision, attention to detail and compassion for this joyful milestone in someone's life. Our family is passionate about the work we do and are dedicated to leaving you with a legacy that can be passed on for generations to come.

Our team at Kuhnhofer Builders offers a full build experience from new construction homes, apartments and condominiums, to residential designs, commercial construction and full-scale remodels and additions. Whether you are in the "conceptualizing" phase of your dream build or already have renderings drawn up, we are able to jump into a project at any phase.

Learn more about our available services and how we can work together. 


From commercial to residential, and new development to renovation, we know that every project Kuhnhofer Builders is involved with is a part of someone else's dream, including our own. We take great pride in establishing and continuing close relationships with our clients through the entire building process and beyond.

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Kuhnhofer Builders has been a trusted member of the Los Angeles, Ventura and Santa Barbara County communities for over 40 years bringing our experience and quality craftsmanship to families and businesses.

Feel confident knowing that Kuhnhofer Builders, Inc. is fully Bonded, and every project is insured with a 'Course Of Construction' policy equal to the amount of the finished value of the property.



Our work is honest, our craftsmanship is impeccable and our quality is unmatched. In addition, we only use the very best quality materials that fit your budget, and we never inflate or mark up prices. 



Since 1979, Kuhnhofer Builders has successfully completed a vast amount of building projects including new construction custom homes, residential remodels & additions, small and large scale landscape design, along with large volume commercial construction  throughout the LA, Ventura and Santa Barbara County areas. 


Over the past 40 years, Kuhnhofer Builders has created a standard of high-quality craftsmanship in the home building and construction industry. Our reputation speaks for itself and we're proud to say we've reached the milestone of over 100 happy + satisifed clients!




What Our Clients Are Saying

"It is my honest opinion that Kenny Kuhnhofer will serve you well as a leader in the construction field and is fully capable of heading just about any job big or small." 


What Our Clients Are Saying

"Every detail of the construction was checked and double-checked. We are supremely pleased with our beautiful home."


-carol laffite

What Our Clients Are Saying

"Kenny has a track record and management style that works well for us. He is focused and makes sure all invoices are paid on time and in full. We are looking forward to our next project with Kenny."


- William D. Haughey 

What Our Clients Are Saying

"We highly recommend Kuhnhofer Builders! Kenny is a pleasure to work with. He is very fair and transparent regarding costs and overall makes the process of building a new home or remodeling as enjoyable as possible."